1985-Up Yamaha 4-Cycle - Sliding Sheave

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  • Buggies Unlimited - item 9040
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 9040
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 9040
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 9040
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 9040
Buggies Unlimited - item 9040
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Do you remember the first lesson you had about friction? We would imagine it was probably not the replacement of a Yamaha Four-Cycle Gas Sliding Sheave. It was more than likely an older sibling dragging their sock-covered feet across the floor to build electricity. Then they would touch your neck. For a brief moment, you weren't sure whether to tell on them or worship this electricity-generating being that you thought was your sister.

When it comes down to your Yamaha clutch parts, the same theory applies without the static discharge. The belt causes very high heat on both sides of the pulley during regular operation. Over time it will cause channels or groves to wear in the faces that the belt rides on. When this happens, your cart will get stuck at specific speeds where your rubber band caused this gouging. This could limit your caddie's performance to three quarters or even half or less. Imagine trying to climb a steep hill to get to a tree stand, and you lose power less than halfway up the incline. You better hope there was no one behind you when you rolled down backward. Your buddies will never let you live it down.

This golf cart sheave is part of the Yamaha driven clutch. This assembly is on top of the rear differential. If you take the seat off and look toward the back of the caddie, you should see it. The belt goes around the primary pully up on the engine and then wraps around this unit. You will need to jack up the rear end and remove one of the tires and wheels to remove it with ease. Make sure you take the belt off first if you can to get it out of your way. Call Buggies Unlimited and order now.


  • Driven clutch sliding sheave
  • Fits Yamaha G2/G8/G9/G11/G14/G16/G20/G21/G22 4-cycle gas models
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): JN6-G6271-02
1993-2001 G11 - Gas, 1995-1996 G14 - Gas, 1996-2002 G16 - Gas, 1985-1991 G2 - Gas, 2000-2002 G20 - Gas, 2001-2004 G21 - Gas, 2003-2007 G22 - Gas, 1990-1994 G8 - Gas, 1991-1995 G9 - Gas

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