Deep Dish Chrome Wheel Cover - 8 Inch

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The Deep Dish Chrome Wheel Cover from Buggies Unlimited is a great touch to add to a completed build. It is also a great placeholder when you save your nickels and dimes for a fancy set of wheels. When looking at things like this, there could be all kinds of reasons for motivation to buy them. We have had customers purchase several different sets just to take up and pop on to whatever rental cart they were using at the local course. It's an excellent way to throw your buddies off their game. Be number one in your foursome.

There is no place or location where these aftermarket wheel skins do not fit right in with the crowd. They will make you stand out, but you will not feel out of place. We have had customers even add them to their hunting carts. There is nothing wrong with having a little extra flash around the camp. Just remember to take them off before you head to the woods. The last thing we want is a call from you about how we ran your deer off. Consider yourself warned and send us some venison from your next buck. We love backstrap.

The best thing about these golf cart wheel covers is that they are as easy as eating pie to install. All you need to do is snap them in place, of course. There are no tools required for mounting. If you have trouble getting them in, verify you have an eight-inch wheel. Aftermarket ten and twelve-inch steel wheels could be the issue.

Buggies Unlimited is the end-all-be-all when it comes to upgrading a caddie. We have the experts with the experience to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. So call now and get hooked upright today.


  • Chrome
  • For 8" wheels
  • These covers are specifically designed for Golf Cart Wheels only, Will not work on trailers, mowers etc..
NOTE: Sold individually. Remember to order four for a full set.
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