7.5 Inch 4-Gauge Battery Cable - Black

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When you set out to make repairs on your golf cart, you may forget the Black Four-Gauge Battery Cable. But, never fear, that's why Buggies Unlimited is here. We know how hard it can be just to get one part from the local dealer. Nightmare does not seem to describe the emotion you draw from it. They only want to sell you a whole kit. Even if you bought it from them, they want you to return the incomplete equipment and get a new one. Well, you have all but the missing part. Just call us, and we simplify things.

What a lot of customers fail to realize is how important the individual cable can be. If you have an electric golf cart, your battery pack works in a series. This means they are daisy-chained together using cables to achieve a total pack voltage. For example, you likely have six six-volt batteries if you have a thirty-six-volt system. When you wire them in unison, you add the voltage together. The same goes for the larger forty-eight volt systems and even the people moving seventy-two volters. This is why your battery charger can handle the whole pack at one time.

Buggies Unlimited prides itself on being able to take care of every customer out there. Whether you are looking for hard parts to keep things running or a flashy accessory to make things shine, we have it all. Call us today and let an expert walk you through our vast selection.


  • 4 gauge 7-1/2" presized battery cable with 5/16" eyelet terminals
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