2014-Up EZGO Freedom TXT-T48 - Buggies Unlimited Clear Folding Windshield

  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
Buggies Unlimited - item 09-092
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Product Details

The EZGO TXT and T48 Clear Folding Windshield by Buggies Unlimited might be the solution to your cold problem. We know what you are thinking; how is a thin piece of Plexi going to keep me any warmer? Well, we will be happy to break it down for you. Have you ever heard of windchill? This is the drop in temperature that is felt but not measured when the wind blows. Your average golf cart runs between 15 and 20 miles per hour. That would be a pretty substantial wind if you were standing still. Trust us; we are from Florida.

Have you ever had a car or truck with a broken AC? We do not know about the rest of the world, but down here in Jacksonville, a working unit should be a state requirement. However, it seems like a rite of passage to work for a lawn crew one summer, and you can better believe you prayed for the window seat. The golf cart windshield is like cracking the glass for everyone on board. Even the guys in the rear seat will get a nice breeze on their necks. Do yourself this favor.

The installation of an EZGO windshield is a walk in the park. You can almost do it by yourself. However, you may want a buddy or family member to help hold things in place. This will make things go quicker and less frustrated in the end. Plus, now you have an excuse to get a burger. But, of course, you have to pay them for their work somehow, right?

Buggies Unlimited is like the overstock emporium of golf cart parts. However, everything you need is right here and easy to find. As a matter of fact, we even have experts to ensure things go smoothly and quickly.


  • Fits E-Z-GO Freedom TXT/T48 2014-Up Gas & Electric Models


  • Clear folding windshield gives you the option for an extra breeze on those hot summer days or protection on cool nights
  • Flexible mounting system makes attachment and removal of windshield simple, no tools required and under a minute.
  • Ideal for anyone who trailers their cart often, RV'ers, outdoorsmen, racers, sports enthusiasts.
  • Designed to integrate with Red Dot enclosures
  • Also available in Tinted - #09-093
  • Made in the USA!

Windshield Dimensions:

  • Overall Height (including hinge): 32.068"
  • Top Width (widest point): 39.4713"
  • Bottom Width (widest point): 41.6"

Please Note: Dry fit windshield before removing protective film from windshield. Removal of protective film will make the windshield ineligible for return.

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