EZGO Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Parts

Maintaining and servicing your caddie will significantly increase your lifespan. Like with any vehicle, there are specific golf cart parts designed as a wear item. The main reason for this engineering method is to keep other more vital components from going on the fritz. Some of those units are EZGO Spark Plugs and Spark Plug parts.

The golf cart spark plug is comparable to lightning, shooting a bolt of electricity in a small gap. As that lightning bolt is shot out, it begins the ignition, part of the combustion process. Sounds pretty important, right? If the unit isn't operating at full potential, your carriage's performance will be less than mediocre.

Once the EZGO spark plug takes a dive, you will notice many performances decreases. For example, your engine may misfire, or you could experience knocking while accelerating. Sometimes it could rough up the ride even while idling. Could you imagine being at the country club with a hard-starting engine? Talk about never hearing the end of it.

Buggies Unlimited is your source of EZGO parts and accessories from top brands in the industry, like GTW, Jake's, and NGK, and Reliance. One prime example is the golf cart NGK spark plug. This aftermarket spark plug may be small, but boy is it mighty. In fact, once you swap out the old OEM unit, you can expect smoother riding and possibly quicker throttle response. In addition, many people gain the benefits of a more stabilized engine performance.

Upkeeping your caddie with quality EZGO parts like the golf cart spark plug is crucial to the cause. However, we get why you may be on the fence about investing in an aftermarket part over an OEM unit. That being said, all of the products at Buggies Unlimited either meet OEM standards or go above and beyond that. So when you shop golf cart parts at Buggies Unlimited, you shop with confidence.

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