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Universal On-Board Charger for 48V Carts

BuggiesUnlimited; CHG UNV 48V;
Retail Price: $937.37
If you drive your golf cart frequently or for long distances, this Universal On-Board Microprocessing Charger is for you. It bolts directly to the cart and connects to your battery pack, so you're essentially taking your charger along for the ride. Therefore, it's ready to be plugged in for charging anytime and anywhere there's an available outlet - no more waiting until you get home to recharge. Features "full float" charging capability, which holds your batteries at an appropriate voltage, ensuring that they're fresh and ready to go even after long periods of storage.

Fits any 48V golf cart
  • LED status lights show the charging progress from 0% to 100%
  • Measure 6-1/4"H x 8"W x 9-1/4"D
  • Includes four bolt mounting tabs for easy installation (some modifications may be required, depending on where you mount the charger)
  • Three-year warranty
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