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Universal 12V Electric Horn Kit

BuggiesUnlimited; HRN UNV 100;
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A horn is an essential safety feature on any golf cart - it's important to be able to let others know you're coming! Buggies Unlimited has now made it even easier to customize your cart with a horn. Unlike other horn kits offered by our competitors, our Universal 12V Electric Horn Kit includes everything you need to install it for less than $20.Fits 12V gas golf carts and 36V/48V electric golf cartsIncludes horn, momentary horn switch with rubber dust cap, and horn hardware kit; all wiring, connectors, and tie straps are includedVariable volume - make it as quiet or loud as you need with a simple turn of an adjustment screwHorn switch can be mounted on the floor, dash, or anywhere you want to place itHorn measures 4" in diameterNote: If you have a 36V electric golf cart, you can connect this horn using two 6V batteries. For 48V Club Car Precedent and 48V Yamaha Driveā„¢ models, this horn will connect using one 12V battery. For all other 48V electric golf carts, you will need to use a Voltage Converter (ELE UNV 101) or a Voltage Reducer (ELE UNV 434). We also offer the 36V/48V Universal Electric Horn Kit (HRN UNV 3648V), which works on 36V or 48V golf carts without the need for a Voltage Reducer or Voltage Converter.
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