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Battery Watering System F/6v Trojan Battery EZGO

BAT EZ 003
$281.99   (You Save: 30%)
Maintaining the water level in your golf cart batteries is a vital task, but it can also be a time-consuming hassle. With the Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System, refilling batteries on an entire cart takes a minute or less! It connects to a single water supply and evenly distributes water into each cell at the same time – no more individual pouring.

Fits EZGO 6V Trojan batteries (batteries are not included)

System includes:
  • Hoses
  • Rails
  • Automatic shut-off valves that mount on each battery cell (permanently replacing your batteries' existing vent caps)
Note: This system is designed for Trojan batteries only. Some cutting of the tubing may be required for installation.
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