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Battery Watering System f/6V Trojan Battery EZGO

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BAT EZ 003
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Maintaining the water level in your golf cart batteries is a vital task, but it can also be a time-consuming hassle. With the Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System, refilling batteries on an entire cart takes a minute or less! It connects to a single water supply and evenly distributes water into each cell at the same time – no more individual pouring. This system is a convenient time-saver for individual golf cart owners, and it’s a must for organizations that own a fleet of golf carts. Fits EZGO 6V Trojan batteries (batteries are not included)System includes hoses, rails, and automatic shut-off valves that mount on each battery cell (permanently replacing your batteries’ existing vent caps)Tubing system remains permanently mounted to your batteries, ensuring easy filling whenever necessaryAllows you to fill batteries without opening the vent ports, protecting you from battery acid burns, ruined clothing, and noxious fumesEach valve includes a built-in flame arrestor to prevent spark ignition of flammable battery gasesWon’t overfill your batteries – it automatically determines how much each battery needs and fills accordinglyUse the Pro-Fill Hand Pump (BAT ML PUMP, sold separately) to fill batteries with distilled water manuallyNote: This system is designed for Trojan batteries only. Some cutting of the tubing may be required for installation.
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