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Multi Colored LED Undercart Light Set

BuggiesUnlimited; LHT UNV L35;
Retail Price: $282.22
With these distinct, striking lights, you'll make a memorable entrance anywhere you drive your golf cart. The 4-Piece Ground Effects Lighting Kit is designed to add some flash to an often-ignored area of your golf cart, the undercarriage!
  • Fits any golf cart model
  • Includes 2 3m LED light strips
  • Lights come in five color hues: blue, red, green, purple, and yellow, which cycle through with the press of a button on the remote control
  • Mount it to any flat surface of your golf cart — underneath the body, under handrails, on the struts, etc.remote included,Lights use 12 volts
  • Note: These lights require a Voltage Reducer or Voltage Converter on 48V carts. If you use your golf cart for extreme off-roading, do not install these lights under the body of your golf cart. Please read our Installation Procedures for Electric Accessories before beginning any electrical work!
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